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Certified Professional - Master Agile Testing (CP-MAT)

About The Program

CP-MAT stands for "Certified Professional – Master Agile Testing", the surest way to learn Agile testing. It is being offered by a global alliance of testing evangelists - Agile Testing Alliance is a leading university in south east Asia - UTM (University Teknology Malaysia).

Learning objectives of CP-MAT

  • You’ll get to know about Agile Fundamentals - history, manifesto & principles.
  • Learn about Agile Testing, Agile Testing mindset and Principles.
  • Learn about User Stories and Role of Agile Testers.
  • Learn about Agile Testing Iterations - Test Strategy and Release Planning and Test Metrics.
  • Learn the importance of Optimized Test Design and Test execution.
  • Experience Agile Testing implementations on a dummy project.
  • Learn Test Automation and Regression Testing.
  •

Role specific needs get addressed:


  • As a traditional tester, you’ll learn agile testing methods So that you can fit in an agile world.
  • As a traditional tester, you’ll learn agile metrics so that you can track and monitor the project progress.
  •


  • As a Test Manager, you’ll learn agile test estimation so that you can plan project better.
  • As a Test Manager, you’ll learn agile planning and strategy so that you can utilize my existing testing expertise.
  •


  • As a BA, you’ll learn progressive requirement elicitation so that you can become agile BA.
  • As a BA, you’ll learn to capture early acceptance criteria so that you can increase client satisfaction.
  •


  • As a Team Member, you’ll learn latest agile practices so that you remain pursued after.
  • As a Team Member, you’ll learn and unlearn processes so that you cultivate agile mindset.
  •

Areas of Focus

  • Course covers practical Release Planning, User Stories Review, Estimation, Sprint Planning, Agile Test Strategy, Testing debt, Testing DoD, Test Reporting and Metrics.
  • CP-MAT also includes Pairwise(combinatorial) and Mind Map Test Design Technique.
  • CP-MAT provides ready to use Agile Testing Tool Kit which will aid you in your testing projects.
  • CP-MAT helps you get into the testing mindset in an agile project.
  • Helps you utilize your testing experience in learning hands on Agile testing.
  • Instills the "Quality is everyone's responsibility" concept in the minds of the participants.
  • The concepts of Agile process with context to testing are covered during the course along with the associated best practices for Testing in an Agile Project.
  • The course takes a hands-on approach with real life agile application getting released over multiple iterations and testers test using agile techniques.

Who should attend?

  • Testers
  • Developers
  • Dev leads
  • Test Leads
  • Dev Managers
  • PM's
  • Test Managers
  • QA Leads
  • Test Programs managers
  • BA's
  • Test Automation engineers
  • Agile Practioners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Team Members
  • Testing CoE Leads and Heads
  • Testing and agile evangelists.
  • QA Managers

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