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Certified Professional- Basic Agile Testing Training (CP-BAT)

About The Program

Testing is a fundamental process in any development project, and when Agile methodologies are used, the testing process becomes all the more critical at every stage. In an agile project, testing is carried out at regular and frequent intervals, in order to provide continual feedback on how well the emerging project is aligned with business needs.


The CP-BAT (Certified Professional- Basic Agile Testing) certification serves as the first step in an Agile Testing roadmap. This certification is regulated and monitored by the Agile Testing Alliance and the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Our CP-BAT training brings together the two worlds of agile and testing, and touches upon the basics of both. Our courseware helps you to learn the fundamental concepts of agile testing, and get started on your Agile testing journey with this foundational Agile Testing certification course.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for test engineers, test team leaders, test managers and quality engineers. CP-BAT would also help candidates to become agile not only in Agile Projects but in testing projects for non-agile development models.

Certified CP-BAT professionals are eligible for the next level of certification, the CP-MAT (Certified Professional- Master Agile Testing).

Practical Test Design Techniques

  • Understand Shift Left Concept and its application in Agile projects
  • Practical Dynamic Test Design Technique

Practical Agile Testing

  • Case Study

Benefits from the course:

Candidates who have undergone this training will be able to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Agile & agile testing
  • Understand the agile testing mindset and vision
  • Learn multi-variable equivalence partitioning & boundary value analysis
  • Practice agile testing using a live case study
  • Get an outline of the role of the tester in agile projects
  • Understand the various testing fundamentals, types and levels
  • Candidates will learn how to test first concepts like TDD, ATDD & BDD
  • Learn how to plan, write and review user stories, test plans and test strategies

Areas of Focus

Agile Fundamentals

  • Process Categories
  • Agile history, manifesto & principles
  • Learn different Agile models
  • Exercise / Game on Scrum/Agile
  • Understand how testing would be different in an Agile model

Testing Fundamentals

  • Testing fundamentals
  • Testing process
  • Test types and levels

Basic Agile Testing

  • Test Planning and Test Reporting
  • Test execution
  • Test First

From the Workshop

  • 2.5 days, or 5 half days classroom training by experienced Agile trainers
  • 16 PDUs and correspondingly 16 SEUs
  • Experiential learning with live case studies
  • Candidates are given Participation Certificates
  • Downloadable e-book

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